Jenner Hanni

Yellowstone Park

Colorado - June 2012

I hadn’t been to Yellowstone since I was a little kid, and the little kid in me doesn’t have very clear memories of any of my vacations so getting reacquainted was very cool. I’d like to go back and camp at Lewis Lake or somewhere else out of the way of the hordes.

Actually, this is Buffalo Bill State Park where I camped the night before we entered the park from Cody, Wyoming. They’ve renamed everything to some variant on Buffalo Bill Formerly Native-named Feature. I camped by the Buffalo Bill Reservoir right after we passed by the Buffalo Bill Dam. Cody, Wyoming, has a rodeo every night of the week at 8pm and I think he, being a showman, would probably get a kick out of knowing he had a town that makes a living on his name.

Now, this is the park.

Snowflakes wafted around. I sunk into a snowbank in my toe-shoes and had to switch to boots.

That sense of immensity you get when you see how small you are.

Action Shot: Baggy!

My friend was most interested in the geothermal vents. I don’t know how I forgot about these but I had no memory of them from when I was a little kid. They’re surreal. I want to touch them even though I know it’s a bad idea.

Could be the Arctic.

Hullo, bison.

Another lakescape, reminded me of the Canadian Rockies.

Golden eagle? Ruffled eagle!

Mmf, gorgeous.

Dead trees, live trees, and burned trees makes for a pretty palette.

Grizzly in a field, stopping traffic like a boss.

I didn't know that the thermal vents are so unpredictable that the landscape tends to look completely different in just a few years, in part because soil temperatures can randomly rise and kill all the trees.

Cone closeup.

Sour Lake.

Foam attempting to flee Sour Lake.

Sour Lake’s runoff running … off. Down the hill to the other pools to be superheated and flung about.

The designer for the boardwalks in Yellowstone has a great eye for composition.

Bubbling Springs or something similar. Scalding, bubbly, awesome. Bubbling springs, meet my delighted inner twelve-year old.

Mineral deposit build-up, probably copper. Copper plates green, right?

Hates gonna hate. Ravens gonna rave.

Other places to be, other people to prance about for.

Two bull bison in the distance. A woman with binoculars on tripod let me peer through and told me they’ve been in the valley all week. There was a third but he’s wandered off. Probably to get in trouble. You can’t come to Yellowstone without binoculars, you know. Well, yeah, I know that now.