Jenner Hanni

Full Stack Developer

I'm a hardware and software engineer available for freelance contracting through Wickerbox Electronics.

Email me, check out my resume, or find my code at Github.


I’ve written C and VHDL/Verilog for FAA-certified aircraft cameras but now I write web apps in Javascript (React on Node.js) and Python (Flask), and I’ve worked with React Native, Bootstrap, Skeleton, and Material UI. I have some sysadmin/devops experience and currently maintain apps on Linode and AWS.

For databases, I’ve worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3.

I enjoy building internal software tools to make dev life easier. I wrote KiFisher to automate managing and documenting hardware projects built with KiCad, and I was a single-digit employee at OSH Park making it easier for the support team to improve the customer experience.

For the last five years, I've been designing and testing hardware product prototypes, and I understand the importance of getting to and iterating on a minimum viable product (MVP) as soon as possible. You can see my Github commits designing the hardware for a successful Kickstarter campaign and I’ve continued to help bring that product to market.


React Nanodegree
Full Stack Developer Nanodegree

Udacity, 2018

M.Eng. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State, 2013

B.S. Engineering Technology
Old Dominion University, 2009


Tree Frogs Message Board

React with Redux message board app. Supports posts and comments.

Joseph Art Walk

KnockoutJS web app for tourists with artist/map info about local art.

Wallowa Wildlife

Flask/Sqlite app allowing users to log in and maintain wildlife checklists.

Mobile Flashcards

Android app made with React Native, Redux, and AsyncStorage.

Rider-Waite Tarot Reader App

React tarot cards app using CSS Flexbox for different layouts.

Amy Irvine

Wix-based site for the award-winning author of Desert Cabal and Trespass.


React app using Udacity BooksAPI to track books I've read or want to read.


Wordpress instance for a local trails non-profit. Supports forms, Paypal.

Imnaha River House

Wordpress instance to replace a static local vacation rental page.

Columbia Cascade 99s

Wordpress instance for local women's flying non-profit.

Pacific Seminars

Single-page static site with simple form and calendar integration.

Skies of Dinotopia

Scraped a fan archive with permission and created a backup of fanworks.

Werewolf Films

Used OMDB API to get movie info and displayed results on a static page.

Wickerbox Electronics

Jekyll static site on Github Pages to display open source hardware designs.

Personal Site

Jekyll static site on Github Pages with minimal Javascript.

OSH Park Docs

Extensively updated support site to answer common customer questions.

E202 VLF Receiver

Very low frequency (under 10kHz) battery-powered receiver in KiCad.

CrazyCircuits Kits

Open source Lego-compatible circuit kits for kids and schools in KiCad.

Teensy Hats

Daughter boards for Paul Stoffregen's Teensy in KiCad.

3G Cellphone

Adapting David Mellis' 2G Arduino Cellphone to a 3G module in Eagle.

GPS RF Receiver

Board in Eagle to provide access to raw I/Q GPS data using MAX2769.

DxWiFi Test Flight

Flight test capturing WiFi packets over 124km distance.

Breakout Boards

Collection of open source breakout boards for components in KiCad.

Arduino Theremin

Shield uses a rangefinder to play notes. Supports touch and playback.

Quadcopter Control Board

LPC1343-based control board for autonomous quadcopter in Eagle.

Reflow Oven Controller

Custom Arduino shield with GUI for control of composites reflow oven.

Image Processing Pipeline

Perform pixel-by-pixel convolution of 2D images in SystemVerilog and C.

L2 Cache Simulation

C simulating a write-allocate, MESI protocol, 4-way set-associative cache.

Endian Swap

Assembly using a stack to swap between Big Endian and Little Endian.

Text to Speech Driver

Assembly to turn text into speech with a RC8660 synthesizer chip.

Temp Sensor Driver

Assembly to handle an interrupt and drive an LED.

Conference Talks

Making Stuff

Evergreen School District, 2015
Robotics Tournament Keynote
Vancouver, WA

Open Source Your Circuits with KiCad

Open Source Bridge, 2015
Portland, Oregon

Math vs Mathematics

Open Source Bridge, 2014
Portland, Oregon

Prototype to PCB

Open Source Bridge, 2014
Portland, Oregon