Jenner Hanni



In 2017, I attended Summer Fishtrap’s week-long Outpost workshop with Craig Childs on the Zumwalt Prairie. I moved to Wallowa County on Labor Day and was lucky to be a featured reader at the February Fishtrap Fireside in 2018.

I write a mix of poetry and creative non-fiction. I’m fascinated by the stories of people who feel like outsiders and turn away, choosing instead to empathize and find kinship with wild animals and the landscape.

Fishtrap says,

Jenner Hanni is a computer engineer and Marine veteran who thought he wanted to write creative nonfiction until someone at Summer Fishtrap’s Outpost told him about prose poems.

He moved to Wallowa County this past Labor Day to try and recover his health and sanity after seven years in Portland’s tech scene.

When not working or writing, he’s looking for foxes at the Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site, imagining what it’s like to be the mountains, and catching up on years of missed reading.


  • In the desert you saw something that brought you back to life
  • Hawk over Harsin Butte
  • Boxes

Creative Non-fiction

  • Imaginary Friend
  • Winter Sky