Jenner Hanni



I’m looking for a remote software engineering job with a small company.

You can email me, check out my resume on LinkedIn, and see my code at Github.

I have customer support experience and I understand the importance of getting to and iterating on an MVP as soon as possible. I’ve developed hardware for a successful Kickstarter campaign and continued to help bring that product to market.

I’ve written C and VHDL/Verilog for FAA-certified aircraft cameras; lately I’ve been writing Python, Bash, Javascript, and HTML/CSS for web applications.

I have sysadmin experience and currently host sites with Apache/gunicorn on AWS and Linode. I’ve built public-facing sites using Flask, React, Jekyll, and Wordpress.

I own a hardware prototyping business called Wickerbox Electronics and I’ve developed software called KiFisher to automate managing and documenting hardware projects with KiCad.

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