Jenner Hanni

Hardware Developer


I’m a hardware developer who focuses on building networks of sensors to collect environmental data, whether indoors, in a city, or in a river or forest.

Wickerbox Electronics

I develop both open and closed source hardware as a freelancer through Wickerbox Electronics, my company, but I prefer to develop in the open whenever I can.


My Master’s is in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on hardware, so that’s what makes up most of my projects. My early designs were in Eagle but now I work exclusively in KiCad. I develop both standalone boards and attachable boards that fit platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Teensy.

Here’s some of what I do:

  • reverse engineer existing boards with no documentation
  • work with the client to figure out requirements
  • order boxes or cases and design the boards to fit
  • research, research, research, and then select components
  • design circuits and create circuit schematics
  • make the board layout by drawing the traces and placing parts
  • order and maintain inventory of boards, stencils, and parts
  • assemble boards by hand soldering, reflow oven, and hot air station
  • test and troubleshoot the boards

I’m available for hire so most of my work is closed source and proprietary, but here’s some of my open source work:

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